The Anti-Corruption Pledge

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Stop the Spending

Two Heads are Better Than One

It’s easy-to-understand graphics like this that need to be repeated, and repeated again.

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Obama Blames Republicans for Blaming Him for Blaming Bush

The Busy Post

Our Dear LeaderPresident Obama today spoke out about an increasingly common but vile tendency on the part of many people, such as Republicans: blaming other people for their mistakes.

According to Washington Post, President Obama warned supporters that Republicans have boiled down their campaign to a single phrase: It’s Obama’s fault. “You can pretty much put their campaign on a tweet and have some characters to spare,” Obama said, adding that these attempts at finger-pointing are pathetic lies because everyone knows the nation’s current troubles are all George W. Bush’s fault.
I have to agree: the lack of self-awareness on the part of Republicans is mind boggling. It reminds me of an anecdote: a young model citizen once felt compelled to murder his parents on account of their lack of committment to social justice. In court, his lawyer pleaded for mercy on the grounds that the…

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How Do Neocons Respond To Analysis of Their Train-wreck Political Performance?

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The (New) Great Depression (Part II).


The media’s popular narrative about the causes and cure for the Great Depression invariably start with the storyline that the stock market crash caused the Great Depression.

Herbert Hoover purportedly refused to spend government money in an effort to reinvigorate the economy. Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal government spending programs allegedly saved America.

This is a big lie.

The 1920s marked the beginning of mass production and the emergence of consumerism in America, with automobiles a prominent symbol of the latter. In 1919, there were just 6.7 million cars on American roads. By 1929, the number had grown to more than 27 million cars, or nearly one car for every household. During this period, banks offered the country’s first home mortgages and manufacturers of everything – from cars to irons – allowed consumers to pay “on time.” Installment credit soared during the 1920s. About 60% of all furniture and…

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BY Obakeng Maje

Situation is still tense at  Moruleng near Rustenburg, where about 32 villages are involved in protest action.

These protests started again last night where protestors barricaded roads bringing traffic to a standstill. Consequently teachers could not reach schools and schools were closed for the day and workers were also affected. Especially  mine workers travelling from the surrounding places.


According to the information received at the time of release there are 36 people arrested in total, Moroleng accounts for 19 and Kanana 17 arrests made.

Amongst the people arrested it’s the two suspects who are facing charges of arson after one person was seen burning a business shop owned by an employee of Bakgatla tribal Authority.

“The other suspect was also charged with arson after he set alight a vehicle. All those arrested in Kanana were charged for public violence, while the charges of those in Moroleng…

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Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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