1999 Policy Analysis: Usurping Legislative Power by Executive Orders and National Emergencies | THE JEENYUS CORNER

The Jeenyus Corner

Alec Scheer

I am, in the following paragraphs of this article, going to be discussing a policy analysis paper (No. 358) published, October 28th, 1999, entitled “Executive Orders and National Emergencies How Presidents Have Come to “Run the Country” by Usurping Legislative Power,” authored by William J. Olson and Alan Woll. It is a twenty-nine page analysis paper going over how presidents and their executive power have (they continue to do so) unconstitutionally usurped legislative power. Included in this compelling analysis is a history of presidential directives.

I would like to go over one section of the analysis with you, leaving it up to you to read it for yourself to concoct your own opinion. The section reads as follows:

“Clinton’s War against Yugoslavia

As a final example of rule through executive order, just this year President Clinton waged war, through NATO, against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Much…

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